Extra Virgin
BIO Olive Oil

Extra Virgin BIO Olive Oil should not only taste good but above all it should be healthy and OMAJOLAS BIO OLIVE OIL is exactly like that.

We are cultivating our 2.350 olive trees on approx. 12 ha land on a purely ecological basis, meaning we refrain entirely from the use of chemical-synthetic fertilizers, plant protection products and soil herbicides.

Bio production

Omajola's olives mature just outside the old town of Savudrija on an airy gentle slope and not far from the breath-taking Mediterranean Sea.

Positioned amidst the trees is a beautiful Tuscan style hacienda where our business premises as well as production and warehouse are located. It is hard to believe that finest olive oil is produced behind these walls.

We are open-minded towards any innovation, experiment and methods enabling us to facilitate the organic farming and treatment of olive trees in order to produce the most natural, healthiest and best quality olive oil.

Prva Ekoloska stanica d.o.o. Zagreb reviews agricultural companies and processing facilities in terms of compliance with guidelines of ecological agriculture and issues certificates for products from biological production.

BIO Olive oil

Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association of fungi and plants where the fungus colonizes the host plant's roots. Our entire plantation is already vaccinated with mycorrhiza. The nature always knows what’s best, we just have to give it a chance.

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Harvest October 2016 Nika

Fruity, intensive, peppery flavour.

With the goal of securing the highest possible confidence of our clients, an officially approved laboratory performed analysis for us. This analysis is also designated on every bottle as follows:  

Free fatty acids: 0,25% - allowed maximum value for „extra virgin“  0,8%
Peroxide number: 3,79 - allowed maximum value ≤ 20
K²³²: 1,92 - allowed maximum value ≤ 2,50
K²70: 0,14 - allowed maximum value ≤ 0,22
AK: 0, - allowed maximum value ≤ 0,01
Wax content (mg/kg): 37 - allowed maximum value: ≤ 250
Polyphenols(mg/kg): 929 – Here the rule „the higher, the higher the quality“ applies.



We are using solely our own harvested olives in the production process. The processing of olives is performed in our state-of-the-art production plant. Here the olives are cold pressed and stored immediately after harvesting. This is the only way to really guarantee the very best quality.

Bio olive leaf tea

It is produced from the leaves of our organically grown olive trees and has a pleasant mild, aromatic, slightly bitter, green taste. Olive leaves contain some extremely important bioactive ingredients, including oleuropein which has antibacterial properties (bacteria), antivirus properties (viruses) and antimycotic properties (fungal infestation).

30.00kn €4.00

Today Istrian oil is still a synonym for the best oil - of highest quality - and is used as a benchmark for the categorization of other oils.

The mild climate with a lot of sun, divine beaches and local culinary specialties are just three reasons for a journey to Istria. Croatia’s northernmost peninsula is one of the most beautiful European destinations.

Decorative bottles

Our decorative bottles are handmade and an eye-catcher on every table. without content

70.00kn €9.00
70.00kn €9.00

Our history

In Istria we fell in love with the nature, its aromas and its scents. Here we found our home and the right place for our olive plantation.