Terms and conditions

Complaints are possible within 8 days after the receipt of goods and they are possible in the following cases:

1) upon delivery of wrongly supplied products

2) upon delivery of damaged products

3) upon delivery of opened or dirty products

4) with attached original invoice

5) when products are in original packaging.

Buyers are obliged to comply with storage instructions printed on the label and to handle the products which they receive with the due care and diligence of a prudent businessman.    

Return of goods with defects: 

If you are delivering the complained products by post or courier service (whereby the postmark is valid) the delivery address is as follows:

“FARMA JOLA” Poljoprivredni obrt
Michael Pavlović
Franceskija 54
52475 Savudrija

You can also send your complaint per E-mail to: info@omajolas.com .

If the deadline and the conditions are in accordance with the above quoted, you shall send us back the complained goods at your expense and we shall bear the costs of shipping the orderly goods to you within 15 days.  
We undertake not to submit data received from you to third persons. All submitted data shall be used solely for carrying out your order.